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Inspired by the good pastoral work being carried out by our Sisters at Christ the King's Church, Coimbatore, then parish priest Fr. Anthonimuthu bought a piece of land at Ganeshapuram and expressed to our Sisters that he foresees development in that area and it is good if we would start a nursery school there. Christhu Bhavan Convent was constructed with the permission of the local Bishop Rt. Rev. Dr. Ambrose and it was inaugurated by him on 21st May 1997. We belong to the Diocese of Coimbatore and to the Parish of St. Maxilliam Maria Kolbe church at Visuwasapuram. The name of theplace is Anthoniar Nagar, Ganesapuram in Coimbatore District.
The first Animator of the house was Sr. Regina Mudiappan. The pioneers were Sr. Regina, Sr. Dora Chacko and Sr. Julia Anthikat. In the beginning our apostolate was teaching and visiting the houses. The animators who took charge of this house were Sr. Regina Mudiappan, Sr. Romana Varkey, Sr. Zina Varkey and at present Sr. Bertilla Alexander.
Our apostolic activities are education and pastoral work. Now the locality is occupied by many companies and working class people. Therefore the strength in our school is increased. Since it is a Matriculation school having good standard of English we have a good number of children in our school. Besides we have two buses which go into the villages and bring children to our school. People of the locality are satisfied with the education that we impart to their children. The nursery school which we started with few children has now become a high school with 730 children. Our school has a good name now specially with its better performance in getting 100% result for Xth students for the past seven years.
The school is well equipped with a science lab, computer lab, smart class etc. Various extra-curricular activities such as yoga, karate, dance, music, band and also different clubs like Mea club, Science club, Guides, JRC and Red Ribbon are active in the school. The students are given a lot of opportunities to develop their talents and abilities. They have Catechism and Moral science classes to improve their quality of life and character. The teachers and the students are very supportive and co-operative with us. The school has got all facilities for the modern education and is attractive to the students of the day.

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Capitanio Convent Coimbatore is situated in the heart of the city of Coimbatore, adjacent to the parish of Christ the King Church, Dr. Nanjappa Road, in the Diocese of Coimbatore. It was a great need of to have a community in the Coimbatore city to render hospitality to our sisters who come here for various purposes and for the sisters who travel to other places to halt at night here. On 16th July 1982, the permission was granted to us by Rt. Rev. Dr. Ambrose then the Bishop of Coimbatore and the land agreement was done between the Bishop and Sr. Gerosa Albert then the Provincial Superior of Calicut. Sensing the need of the locality the sisters decided to start a Nursery School.
The Pioneers of the community were Sr. Zina Varkey, Sr. Rosary Beneventure, Sr. Tresa Alexander and Sr. Regina Mudyappan. On 24th Sept. 1987 a type writing Institute was started with the help of Fr. Victor Sandiyago who was the director of Social Service Centre and Sr. Nambikai Mary was in charge of it. The poor girls who finished tailoring were helped to buy machines through loans. On 13th January 1987 the new house was inaugurated by the provincial superior. In response to the need of the time a new computer centre was started on 1st Nov. 1996. In 1999 we got the temporary recognition and on 1st April 2000 we got the permanent recognition to the centre. At present Sr. Divya Joseph is the animator of the Community.
In June 2012, Sr. Regina was relieved from the nursery school and was appointed as a full time evangelizer for Catholic Enquiry Centre of the parish. This is a new endeavour of the present parish priest Rev. Fr. Gurusamy. In this centre there are some lay people also helping Sr. Regina. This team was specially trained for direct evangelization work. They visit shrines and festival centres and meet people in distress, ask them to approach Jesus whom they may not know and when the people request them for more details, the Enquiry centre goes to their help.