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Heeding to the summon of the Bishop of Kottar Most Rt. Rev. Dr. Arockia Swamy, Sr. Gerosa Albert the Provincial Superior of that time took initiative to venture into this mission area which was under the parish church of Kulasekharam. On 11th June 1980 the community of Assisi Bhavan bloomed to continue the work started by the Franciscan Brothers whose aim was to eradicate the ignorance and illiteracy of the people. The Pioneers who came to begin the missionary work were Sr. Isabella the superior and Sr. Vivian the Headmistress of the school.

After two years Sr. Norberta Dass came and joined in the primary school. The early Sisters worked hard to bring the children to the school who were not interested in studies. As the years rolled the strength of the students increased and there was need to put up building for the school. Our community was at Eanchacode, was given the charge to take care of the sub stations at Pakaiyadu, Ponmanai and Perunchani. We were involved in all the activities of the parish where the Pallotine priests rendered their service.

In 1990 a tailoring class was started for the young girls who were jobless. It went on up to 2005 and due to lack of persons it was being closed down. After Sr. Isabella, the animators were Sr. Clelia Francis, Sr. Angiolina Anthony, Sr. Felix Aranha, Sr. Maria Vattaparambil, Sr. Jayarani anthonimuthu, Sr. Emelda Antony, Sr. Mangala Mary Santiago and at present Sr. Treesa Alexander. When Sr. Cicily Augustine was the Provincial Superior of Calicut Province, the present community building was put up. Sr. Felix Aranha was the Superior at that time. And it was blessed by Most Rt. Rev. Bishop Leon Dharma Raj on 22nd July 1996. The Apostolic work which was started in the origin is still continued with some modifications and improvement according to the present need and we are proud to tell that education has helped our students to become collectors, engineers, professors and doctors. The faith formation given to people sustains their faithfulness to religion.

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Our Network > History of Asha Sagar-Eraviputhenthurai

The Provincial chapter of Calicut Province held in 1996 had decided to venture in to remote villages, heeding to the invitation of the Church for evangelization. Sr. Antonietta who was a BCC coordinator brought the subject for discussion and spotted Eraviputhenthurai as the neediest place. Eraviputhenthurai is a coastal area in the district of Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu and comes under the Diocese of Trivandrum. It is a thickly populated place. People from Kerala and Tamil Nadu live together here. Majority of the people are fisher folk. Illiteracy was one of the main problems at that time. Youth lacked direction and guidance. On 25.03.1995, Sr. Cicily Augustine the Provincial Superior of Calicut along with the councilors met the parish priest and the parish council. They expressed their need to have the presence of the Sisters in the parish. The then parish priest Fr. Rajendran met Rt. Rev. Dr. Soosai Pakiam, Bishop of Trivandrum and he invited us to render our service in the parish.

The Pioneers of the community were Sr. Rosemarie Joseph and Sr. Grace Ouseph. The Sisters rendered their service here on experimental level for 7 months. Sr. Mariella took leadership in it, during that time they lived in a rented house. From 1997 onwards it began to function as an offshoot of Valiavila community. It remained so for five years. On 04.04.2002, it was erected as a community. In 2004 January province was bifurcated and then onwards Eraviputhenthurai community belonged to South East India Province.

The superiors who animated the community were: Sr. Amala Kurian, Sr. Merly Thomas and at present Sr. Nancy. The Sisters are mainly engaged in socio pastoral work. They animate the BCC units, pious associations and participate in all the activities of the parish.

2005 onwards one sister Sr. Jasmine began to give her service in the parish school. In 2006 a new convent building was built and Sisters shifted their residence to the new convent building. In 2012 a nursery school was opened and today we have 75 children in the nursery class.
Sisters engage themselves in family visits, preparing for liturgical and sacramental celebrations, catechesis, teaching in the parish and the nursery school.

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Our Network > History of Gerosa Bhavan-Pechipparai

Pechipparai was one of the sub-stations of Kulasekaram parish. Our Sisters at Assisi Bhavan,

Eanchacode were going to this centre once in a way along with the parish priest for Sunday mass.
The presence of the Sisters was very much solicited by the parish priest. Because of the felt need of the place for pastoral work, the bishop of Kottar approached our congregation and asked for Sisters to be at the service of the people. So the Sisters of the Eanchacode community from 1996 onwards began to go to Pechipparai visiting the houses and studying the situation.
As there were no medical facilities, it was found that the people of this area needed a dispensary. So part of the house was turned into a Homeo dispensary and one of our Sister Dr. Vincy Mathai began to work in the clinic along with Sr. Magdalene. Thus on 18th May, 1998 this centre became an offshoot of Assisi Bhavan, Eanchacode community. In the year 2002, community was erected and Sr. Magdalene Mutthayan was the first animator. In order to uplift the poor girls, a tailoring class was started in 2001, for providing job opportunity, moral support and safety.

The Superiors who animated the community for the past years were: Sr. Magdalene Mutthayan, Sr. Emelda Antony and at present Sr. Marita Mathai.

Through faith formation we could bring back many lapsed Catholics to faith and to the sacraments. Alcoholism is a prevailing problem among these people. Being invited by the diocese the Sisters launched into a new apostolic venture that is giving counseling to help those undergoing stress and guide them for a meaningful way of living and provide treatment to the alcoholics under the direction of Special Ministry Addiction Treatment Team.

The Sisters too extend their services to several sub stations to teach catechism and animate Basic Christian Communities and also pious associations.


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Our Network > History of Mea Illam-Pillaithope

Mea Illam is located at the coastal area of Pillaithope, near Muttom, Kanyakumari District. The nearest city is Nagercoil. The community is present in St. Joseph's parish and in the diocese of Kottar. Here the people are more better educated, faithful to the religious practices and actively participate in all the liturgical celebrations of the local church. But there is need of little organization and guidance for these people. Fr. Joseph Bernard Rosario (Dominic) the then parish priest of St. Joseph's church, Pillaithope invited our Sisters to render the pastoral service and to teach Spoken English and computer skills for the children in St. Mary's parish school at Pillaithope.
On 3rd December 2009 three Sisters namely Sr. Magdalene Muthayan, Sr. Sabina Abraham and Sr. Sahaya Cemila Carmel came and lived in a rented house as an offshoot of Assisi Bhavan, Eanchacode. On 25th March 2010, it was erected as a community. It was named 'Mea Illam'. Sr. Magdalene Muthayan is the first animator.
After a year of our service there, we were called to teach in St. Joseph's CBSE Kindergarten, at Muttom run by a charitable trust headed by Fr. Joseph Bernard Rosario. Therefore two Sisters were sent to teach there. Same Kindergarten school is upgraded and another two Sisters are rendering their service at St. Joseph's CBSE School, at Manavalakurichi.
Besides the apostolate of teaching, the Sisters are very much involved in all the activities of the church, especially in teaching of catechism, animating the basic Christian communities and pious associations and visiting the families. The service of the Sisters is very much welcomed by the local people. Sr. Saly Painadath, our Provincial Superior has laid foundation stone for the new community building at Pillaithope on 12th February 2013