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Gudalur is the meeting place of the three states Kerala, Tamil nadu and Karnataka. In 17.05.1955 the newly built house was inaugurated by Bishop of Mysore and was named as Fatima Convent. The pioneers sent were: Sr. Alphonsa Colombo and Sr. Lorenzina Colasco. The animators who followed were: Sr. Alphonsa Colombo, Sr. Lorenzina Colasco, Sr. Maria Luisa Pennati, Sr. Ausilia Carugo, Sr. Maria Teresa Ghisaura, Sr. Prisca Kallur, Sr. Angiolina Antony, Sr. Ausilia Carugo, Sr. Matilda Joseph, Sr. Merly Thomas, Sr. Virgilia Augustine and atpresent Sr. Mangala Mary Santhiyago.
In the beginning Sisters undertook apostolic works such as, teaching in the Primary school, parochial work, faith formation of families and children in the school and upkeep of the Church linen. Fatima Girls Home was started in 1958. Through these portals hundreds of girls have grown and reached to a good standard in life. Needle work and embroidery centre was started in 1965. Girls who were not able to study in the school and school drop outs were sheltered in this centre and trained to take up a job with the sewing machines and earn their livelihood. Even today this embroidery section is functioning and meeting the needs of all those who are interested in hand embroidery and the like hundreds of poor children has been benefitting from this centre.

Dhyana Bhavan an annexed building to Fatima Convent was built in view conducting annual retreats. In 2004, it became the temporary Provincial House for South East India Province till October 2009. Residence of the community was shifted to Dhyana Bhavan on 20.05.2012, since the old community building was demolished.

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The Origin of the Community of Gerosa Nilayam goes to Fatima Convent, Gudalur. It was a branching off from it on 01.07.1971 with the aim of better administration of the Fatima Girls High school, Girls hostel and English Medium Primary school. Fatima Girls High school was started in 1961 and in 1964 the boarding house was opened. In 1964, Gerosa English medium Primary school was also started. In 1973 a hostel for Teachers was started. In 1990 formation of candidates was entrusted to the community. In 1994 the High school was upgraded to Higher Secondary. In 2002, Gerosa Tamil medium Nursery and Primary school was opened.

The Pioneers were Mother Luisa Pennati, Mother Ausilia Carugo, Sr. Stefenina Medina, Sr. Constantina D'Silva, Sr.Valantina Crasta, Sr. Berchmans Doraikan, Sr. Piera D'Souza, Sr.Theresita Thomas, Sr. Isabella Andrade, Sr. Bertilla Alexander, Sr. Doreen Chacko and Sr. Dora Chacko.

The sisters worked hard in the school to educate the children and bring good results. It was a hard job because most of the girls were from the tea and coffee estates surrounding Gudalur. At that time this was the only English medium school of the area. Therefore girls from far and wide came to study in this school. Hence a Girls hostel was started and many young girls were trained in moral and religious field.
The Animators of the Community were: Mother Luisa Pennati, Mother Ausilia Carugo, Sr. Rachel Pederetti, Sr.Constantina D'Silva, Sr.Alessandra Lamera, Sr.Selvi Singarayan, and Sr. Soosai Mary Chinnappan, Sr. Perpetua Mary Marianathan, Sr. Josephine Soosai raj, Sr. Ancita Cheeku and at present Sr. Elizabeth Rayappan. The first Headmistress of the school was Sr. Constantina D'Silva, who worked tirelessly for building up the school.

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Pandalur is situated at the borderline of Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The people were mostly illiterate and uncivilized. Parts of this land are occupied by the Srilankan repatriates from 1970 onwards. Our community took birth in this locality as an Education and Ecclesial organism in June 1957. We are present in St. Francis Xavier’s parish in the Diocese of Ooty.

 The pressing request of the public to the parish priest to start a school found a solution. He approached the Bishop of Ooty Rt. Rev. Antony Padiyara. And at their request then Mother Provincial Antonietta Lucini sent two Sisters namely Sr. Rosina Royil and Sr. Tarsilla Sundaram who were the pioneers of this community.

The Superiors animated the community for the past were: Sr. Carlota Pinto, Sr. Christina Castalion, Sr. Alphonsa Colombo, Sr. Celsa Thekkayil, Sr. Emiliyana Chingathara, Sr. Evelyn Xavier, Sr. Josephine Joseph, Sr. Doreen Chacko, Sr. Romana Varkey, Sr. Maria Varkey, Sr. Ancita Cheeku and at present Sr. Jansi Alphonse

In 1962, a Home for the girls was started where 25 girls and a few teachers were accommodated. In 1963, the Primary school was upgraded to Middle school and Sr. Evelin Xavier was its first Headmistress. In 1976 a dispensary was opened and MCH programme was started in it with the help of the Diocesan Social Service Centre. Ever since the arrival of the Sisters St. Francis Xavier’s Church, Pandalur had sub stations in 5 other villages. In all these substation churches, the Sisters gave their service of teaching catechism, visiting the houses, instructing women and elders of the family.
In 1986 we started the High School for Girls to uplift the women society. Sr. Romana Varkey was the first Headmistress. With the help of the Government authorities and benefactors the school was brought to a good standard. 1987 a new High school building was put up.  In 1989, the new building of the Girls Home was built and we could admit about 50 girls and teachers. As there was a need of land for the functioning of High school and Primary in separate buildings, the Sisters approached Parry Agro owners and 4 acres of land was given to the school on lease in 1997. And we shifted the Primary school to this new land. In 2011, the old Primary school building was reconstructed for the increasing number of girls in the High School. A good number of tribals and backward class students are educated in this school.

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Our Network > Villa Capitanio-Wellington

The community of Villa Capitanio is situated in Wellington - barracks, in Nilgiris, in the Diocese of Ooty. This place belongs to the administration of military Cantonment. Villa Capitanio was the realization of a long dream and need of the Sisters of Charity missionaries belonging to the Provinces of Mangalore, Secundrabad and Calicut. Ever since its inception, by the province of Mangalore in 1930 the small convent gave shelter for a few Sisters during summer vacation. It continued to be so, for a long period of 22 years.

In January 1952, Villa Capitanio community took its shape as a formal community under the leadership of the late Provincial Superior Antonietta Lucini of Mangalore province. The pioneers of this community are: Sr. Erminia Sandri, Sr. Carlotta Pinto, Sr. Romualda Gambarini, Sr. Carmella Aranha and Sr. Lourdumary Sandanam. Sr. Erminia Sandri was the first Superior of the community and at present Sr. Romana Varkey is the animator.

A dispensary was started in the year 1952 and named as St. Joseph's dispensary, which catered to the needs o the poor people. The Mother and Child welfare programme was started here attached to the dispensary which served 500 pregnant women and children. The embroidery- cut work and tailoring class was introduced for the jobless girls. 1981 a new building was added to the old one for the purpose of annual retreat of the Sisters. At present the situation is different. The dispensary carries on its service to the poor, especially to the alchoholic patients. The cut work and Embroidery centre gives employment to a few handicapped girls and some women from the neighbourhood. This embroidery centre is a centre of attraction for the military officers and their families, who are the regular clients of this centre. 'The service to the Poor and Needy' – is the hallmark of this community from its very start and it is being continued even today. The Sisters also serve the local church in its pastoral work.