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Kona Kollai Patty was marked by great material, spiritual and moral poverty. The people were illiterate and lived in small huts. There were about 80 families when the Sisters came here. The people knew nothing but cultivation of paddy and groundnuts. Fr. Antony Raj was the inspiration behind this mission, who visited our convent at Trichy and made a request to start a convent at K.K.Patty. Being a very poor area the response from the Provincial Superior was very immediate. Sr. Arul Antony and Sr. Vandana Varkey were sent by the Province to live in this village. Fr. Antony Raj handed over the nursery and the dispensary to the Sisters.
The Sisters lived in a small hut and had their dispensary and nursery in another hut. After 5 months the formal community was inaugurated on 19th May, 1993. Sr. Zina Varkey was appointed as the first superior of the community. The Sisters taught in the school, visited the families, learned their culture, and served the parish in all its parochial activities, as well as in the sub stations. By the hard work of our Sisters the material, moral and spiritual life of these people have very much improved. In 1993, our school was inaugurated officially . There were 40 students.
The Bishop of Tanjore Rt. Rev. Dr. Packiam Arockia Swamy helped us to buy the land in order to build the convent. The convent building was blessed on 25th April, 1996. A dispensary was built and inaugurated in 1994, to cater to the needs of the people. A van was purchased to bring the patients and students.
As the number of the students increased, a building for the primary section was built with the help of MANOS UNIDAS, Spain. In 2001, 6 rooms were added to this building by the Province, which is now used for higher Secondary School and which is also approved by the Department in 2008. For the English medium primary another building is built by the Institute. Now a good number of young people have learned up to XII STD. At present we have 1200 students in our school.
The superiors who animated the community in the past were: Sr. Zina Varkey, Sr. Arul Antony, Sr. Rosary Beneventure, Sr. Regina Mudiyappan, Sr. Soosai Mary Sinnappan and at present Sr. Perpetua Mary Marianathan.