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In answer to the invitation of Rt. Rev. Dr. J. Susaimanikam the Bishop of Sivagangai, on June 6th 2010 on the feast of Corpus Christi, we started our mission at Kalaikulam in the district of Sivagangai in the Diocese of Sivagangai as an offshoot of Holy Redeemer's convent, Nagarikathan. The name of the Convent is Holy Infant Mary convent. The apostolic aim of this offshoot is to meet the medical need of the people around. Priority is also given to various pastoral activities of the parish and sub stations of St. Michael's Church, Kalaikulam.

Sr. Shobhana Deivasakayam and Sr. Vasanthi Pascalis were the pioneers of this offshoot mission. And being offshoot of Holy Redeemer's convent Sr. Ancita Cheeku is the first animator. The Sisters stayed in a rented house of a parishnor and carried out the mission of healing and pastoral activities almost two and half years. The rented house had lot of inconveniences and we felt the need to build a convent for the effectiveness of the mission and the convenience of the Sisters. So on 15th of February 2012 under the leadership of Sr. Saly Painadath the Provincial Superior, we laid the foundation stone for Holy Infant Mary convent. And almost after a year, on 11th February 2013 the Bishop of Sivagangai blessed and inaugurated the new convent building. It still continues to be the offshoot of Holy Redeemer's convent and carries out the same mission of healing and pastoral work. We are also seeking and discerning to venture into new apostolic activities in the villages.

Our Network >Tamil Nadu>Ramanathapuram- District
Our Network > Holy Redeemer's Convent-Nagarikathan

It was on 23rd May 2010 on Pentecost Sunday we began our mission at Nagarikathan, a village in Ramanathapuram District close to Devakotai city and on the way to Oriyur. Oriyur is a well known place where St. John De Britto was martyred. It is in the Diocese of Sivagangai. We are asked to work in the parish school of Nagarikathan, as well as to see to the faith formation of the people who are scattered in 10 villages under this parish.

His Excellency Rt. Rev .Dr. Susaimanickam, Bishop of Sivagangai, when he came for a Final Profession function, at Meenachipuram, expressed his desire of having our presence in his Diocese namely at Kalaikulam parish. Meanwhile co-incidentally, the Sisters of St. Antony's Home, Trichy went for a pilgrimage to St. John De Britto shrine at Oriyur. There they happened to participate in a Holy Eucharist celebrated by Rev. Fr. Jones Martins, the parish priest of St. Antony's church, Nagarikathan which belongs to the Diocese of Sivagangai. During their conversation with Fr. Jones Martins, he expressed his desire of having Sisters in his parish for pastoral work and to render their service in the parish school.

Sr. Selvi Singarayan realized the request of the Bishop, of starting a community in his Diocese and the desire of Rev. Fr. Jones Martins is a happy co-incidence, they left the place for a proper discernment. As our charism calls to serve the neediest the Provincial and the team considered this request, after serious discernment. The official erection of the community took place on December 12th 2010, with the presence of Bishop of Sivgangai Diocese Most Rev. Dr. J. Susaimanickam, and Rev. Sr. Selvi Singarayan then Provincial Superior of South East India Province. Sr. Ancita Cheeku is the first animator of this house and one among the pioneers. Sr. Arockia Mary Michel is the Headmistress of St. Antony's middle school and Sr. Glory Xavariaradimai was in charge of the Kindergarten. Along with the educational ministry all the Sisters are also actively involved in the pastoral activities. This same apostolic works are being carried out by the present members too.