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Our lady of Fatima church, Kodungal is placed in the Arch diocese of Pondicherry & Cuddalore. It is bifurcated from the parish of Mugaiyur, and erected as a parish on 27th of July 2000. It consists of five sub- stations, namely Paranur, Puthur, keelakondor, Melakondor and Veerasolapuram. The total catholic population is around 3000. The then parish priest, Rev. Fr.Vanathaiyan {MSFS} invited us, especially to avail ourselves for pastoral and educational services. The Arch Bishop of Pondicherry & Cuddalore Most Rev. A. Anandarayan was pleased to invite us to establish our religious house at the parish of Kodungal, especially keeping in mind, the welfare of the Church.
Availing to this invitation of the Lordship Sr.Saly Painadath Provincial Superior and her team visited the Parish and learned about the situation, as a whole. After studying the situation, especially keeping in mind the need of the parish community, on 29th May 2013, three of our sisters namely Sr.Sabina Abraham, Sr.Innocentia Arul samy, and Sr.Celestina Sebastian started their life in a rented house. The Parish community was indeed very glad to welcome them.
This tiny family is an off-shoot of the community of Mariagam, Trichy. On 13th of April 2014 Palm Sunday, as Jesus entered Jerusalem gloriously, our community was erected on that day gloriously, bearing the name “SISTERS OF CHARITY CONVENT”.